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The Cropped Sweater Flying Off Shelves

Price: $98.50

Why: This sweater screams fall! Between its coloring and soft appeal, it's no wonder Banana Republic is seeing this guy bought out so quickly into the season!

Wear & Pair: High waist jeans are continuing to hold a presence in our fashion world. This balances cropped pieces like this sweater. Another way to achieve a higher waist is to wear a skirt, as it comes up to your natural waist creating an hourglass shape.

Try THIS vegan suede mini skirt in the color nutmeg to pair with the sweater. Add tights and an ankle bootie for a full-fall look!

Final Rating: 4 stars! I do enjoy this sweater; however, it does not work for all of my clients. Those that are taller find that the sweater is too short. For people who are shorter to average height, this will work for you!



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