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Stylist Saturday: Sydnie

My husband and I are approaching our 2nd wedding anniversary (August 11); and a total of 9 years together. I always enjoy coming up with a creative gift idea year to year and this year is no different. Working with male clients, I tend to get some extra inspiration as I am shopping. My latest trip to Indochino captured my attention as I looked at the custom dress shirts.

Now, to give you a little background on my husband, he is VERY particular on his clothing fits. He

appreciates garments that skim the torso, sit square on the shoulders, and collars that remain in place through wear. Although he has many shirts in his closet, none fit quite perfect to his desires. This brings me to our winning gift.

Because Keith has had many measurements and adjustments done with Indochino, all of his information is on file and ready for purchases. I was able to go in (without him) and order what I was after. The store at Mall of America has all of the options available for costumers to view, touch and try. I was even able to do the following customization options at no additional costs:

1. Traditional dress shirt or untucked

2. Cuffs; single or double button, or french cuff

3. Collar; wide, narrow, button-down

4. Neck fabric; you can add fabric within the inner part to avoid sweating

5. Contrast cuff and collar fabric

6. Button placket; hidden or exposed

7. Monogram

The amount of freedom I had when choosing shirts was incredible. They also had a promotion running where you could get a bundle of 5 dress shirts (your choice of fabrics) for $299. This price was beyond worth it.

The package arrived Thursday and Keith was elated. The shirts fit perfectly. Even if they hadn't, Indochino would alter for free. I can't stress enough how awesome this place is for the men in your life!

Happy 2 Year Anniversary, Keith!



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