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Local Boutique Spotlight: Everyday People

Feature Boutique: Everyday People

Fashion Week kicked off this past week. It goes for about ten days. I'm attending several fashion shows and mingles. One common thread through each of the shows is the art of mingling the old with the new. There is a sophisticated look to an outfit when a modern new piece can be paired with a vintage or classic statement piece or clothing article. When this is done, it creates a polished one-of-kind look. So, this week I ventured into Everyday People, a vintage/second-hand store. This is what I found.

All my girlfriends know that I'm crazy about jewelry but, especially vintage jewelry. As I walked in the front door of Everyday People, they had a case filled with vintage jewelry (earrings - $3 a pair).

I greeted the sales person and began to scope out the store. I'm always looking for unique pieces like this red silk blazer below (price: $20). Wouldn't this be cute over a white tshirt and paired with distressed jeans and brown booties?

This wool red dot plaid poncho (price: $20) could be adorable over a black turtle neck paired with leather leggings and black chunky heel booties.

But it's Spring and these two pieces would be best for outfits next Fall.

As I continued to walk the store, I saw this cobalt blue vintage uniform dress with a "safety first" patch on its arm (price: $25). I think this would be adorable with some floral print Converse hightop tennies or flip flops. What a unique, youthful piece!

I did a little homework and this dress may have been a female

ambulance nurse uniform.

This little black dress is from Brunell, a seventh Ave. New York fashion house founded by Al Blumenstein between 1939 - 1971. If the seams are still strong, this is a fabulous formal evening dress. Pair this LBD with a vintage handbag (price: $20) and some leopard print heels and this is a hot little number.

Shopping vintage and thrift stores for those unique pieces, proves that you don't have to be the President of the bank to look like a million bucks.


1599 Selby Ave, St Paul, MN 55104


  • Sunday: 12PM - 7PM

  • Mon-Sat: 10AM - 8PM


(651) 644-4410

Stylist: Kathy

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