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Local Boutique Spotlight: Style Niche

Feature Boutique: Style Niche in Rosemount, MN

Today I want to introduce you to another local boutique but first, I want to tell you why I like featuring local boutiques.

I've been a wardrobe consultant for A La Mode for over four years now. I have shopped with quite a few women that are overwhelmed by the mall. I get it! It's not a quick trip to the mall. When you go to the mall, you have to carve out a chunk of time to park, walk to where you want to go, and hopefully find what you need to find at your destination. It takes time and energy; and our time and energy are both in demand. But, a fifteen minute stop into a local boutique is often much more feasible.

Another thing that I like about boutiques is that their product line turns over considerably faster than the big chain stores. Boutiques typically carry one size run in items and when they sell out; they're sold out. This is attractive to those of us who don't want to show up at the barbeque in the same blouse as our neighbor. We like our individuality.

It is my hope I can introduce you to a boutique in your neck of the woods that will be a fun, time saving, fashion option for you.

So...Today, Let me introduce you to Style Niche, located on the front side of Waterford Common Apartments, on Highway 3, in Rosemount, Minnesota. There are businesses along the sidewalk on the ground floor of the apartment complex with front door entrances facing Highway 3 but, there is also a back entrance on the apartment side, with easy parking. (2930 146th St. W. Rosemount, MN)

When walking in the front door I paused to decide where I wanted to start. The table infront of me featured a basket of metallic gray and pink flip flops. A few elastic waist cargo shorts (brand: Wearables - $54) sat on the top of the table, too. They said they were selling out quick. I tried them on and bought them. These are some of the most comfortable shorts I've got and look great with untucked tops.

I combed through some dresses and skirts, my personal favorites to buy. Style Niche carries both casual dresses and more formal dresses. This bright pink peplum dress would be an easy choice for a summer wedding (Brand: London Times - orig. $94 but, was 40% off)

This floral off-the-shoulder summer dress is adorable; perfect for a Summer party! (orig. $89 but, 40% off)

The town of Rosemount has it's Yearly celebration, "Leprechaun Days", July 20th thru July 29th. Style Niche was prepping for the rush, and for their Leprechaun Day sale, while I was there.

Looking further, I saw this white jacket (Brand: aventuraclothing - orig. $94 but, 25% off) and salmon colored shorts (Brand: Liverpool - orig. $79 but, 25% off), thinking they'd make such a cute summer outfit. Wear a light gray tank underneath and wear some flip flops, or even better, a pair of slip on heels - HOT!

The fabric and floral print of this shirt caught my eye but, when I looked at the back...I loved it even more! I was too wrapped up in looking it over that I never recorded the brand or price. But, this is a great example of why I like boutique fashions. There are unique on-trend items.

There is an energetic vibe at Style Niche. Natalie Sudberry (Owner) and Kris Swenson are friendly, ready to help. This is a shop I will, personally, be stopping into often to see their product. And this week would be a great time with the city celebrations and sales.


Wednesday 11-7 pm ​Thursday 11-7 pm Friday 10-5 pm Saturday 10-5 pm Sunday 12-4 pm




Stylist: Kathy

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