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Local Boutique Spotlight

Feature Boutique: Mainstream Boutique

Today I toured Mainstream Boutique at 15322 Galaxie Ave in Apple Valley, Minnesota. As I walked in, I was greeted with a friendly "Hello!" I took a sweeping look from the entrance and saw that I was going to need to walk slowly to see everything. The decor was a shabby-chic feel. It had a vibe like Anthropologie and yet, here it was in downtown Apple Valley. ​​

I began to walk from display to display seeing the spring colors and fun trendy-casual clothing. I'm all girl and there was plenty of bling and frill to keep my interest. From studded heel booties to statement piece necklaces, the accessories were throughout the store and displayed with tops on the front of racks. ​​

I was drawn to the center display table with some denim, tees and jewelry on it. There they featured some of their new "mac and me" denim. I have several clients that love "mac and me" and here they were. Interesting to me, is that the "mac and me" clothing line is Marie Denicola's, the founder of Mainstream boutique, clothing line. This brand is known for it's trendy denim with hidden elastic at the waist. Her line also carries tops and jewelry. But, the store carries numerous brands including "Jag" and "Kut from the Kloth" (These are some of my favorite brands of denim).


I decided to get the full feel; I had to try something on. I chose this coral striped, bell sleeved top ($44) and this beaded necklace with a multi colored tassel ($32) Though the temperature was dropping outside, I felt inspired for Spring.

Mainstream Boutique in Apple Valley is the flagship store, opening about nine years ago. since then, Mainstream Boutiques have spread out through francised stores in nineteen states. You can see and hear Marie tell her story at of how she came to opening this first store and growing it into a thriving business. She says in the video, "When they (women) walk away (from the store) feeling great; magic happens." It's evident that that is the joy of her business; encouraging women. I understand this, because that is my joy as a wardrobe consultant, too. I hope you will look up a Mainstream location near you, they have a location list on the website. I believe it's well worth the trip. They have unique and energetic pieces. You can also find them on FaceBook, where items can be purchased through communication.

I think I've found a fun new favorite store in my area.

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