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Stylist Saturday: Sydnie

1 week from today, I will be enjoying the sun in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. My bestie from 1st grade is getting married and they decided on a destination wedding. None of us are at all disappointed about the added vacation, especially this time of year.

However, trying to pack and shop for this trip has brought its challenges. Many stores do not quite have the hot-weather wear in stock yet. The main outfit for this trip will be a swimsuit. And let's be honest, I can't stand the thought of one or two suits for a week long trip. The reason being? Well for one thing, tan lines. The same suit all week will create harsher lines in the same place. I change up the lines and straps to avoid this. Reason number two? I guess you could blame it on my fashion background; wanting to diversify the wardrobe through the week :)

Going back to the shopping adventures. I shopped exclusively online. Like many women, I find sizing to be a difficult target to gauge. What I can say in confidence, is to find a line or brand that successfully makes bras. These labels will understand bust and will fit similarly to your bra. I ended up going with Freya; a brand commonly sold at Nordstrom.

I shopped Amazon and Bare Necessities and came out with these pieces:

Did I mention these were crazy good deals?? $137.27 for 8 swimsuit pieces!! That averages out to be $17.16 per item. I'm all about getting quality, especially when it involves prices like these.

Sending you all warm thoughts!


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