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Buy of the Week: Denim December

I'll just start by putting out that I am a denim snob. I like soft jeans that look good on my bum. With that being said, I have been loving the more straight leg, high waisted, mom jean denim trend and purchasing them in super soft materials simply does not work.

Vintage Straight I bought in regular and tall

Enter my sinking ship that is finally being righted, JCrew. For years they offered a customer favorite the Matchstick...a perfect cigarette leg that was simply stunning on. They stopped carrying it probably 5-6 years ago, but this season started carrying the vintage straight, a dead ringer for the matchstick, but with a higher waist. Needless to say, I am OBSESSED. I love the washes, the buttons, the details, the cut....and most of all the price! I just bought three pairs (one in tall, one in regular length as they definitely run more cropped for with higher booties), and one of the demi boot (also in tall as I don't love cropped flare legs). For sizing reference, I am 5'8" and was blessed with some long gams. If you are 5'5" or under or have a longer torso/shorter legs regular should be fine. I also sized down one size in all three jeans. I ordered my normal size originally, however knew they would stretch out to be too large and on first wear was 100% comfortable in the size down.

Demi Boot

Thank you JCrew, I love your denim and the typically $45-$60 price point they are (with constant sales)!

xo Carly

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