Buy of the Week: Denim December

I'll just start by putting out that I am a denim snob. I like soft jeans that look good on my bum. With that being said, I have been loving the more straight leg, high waisted, mom jean denim trend and purchasing them in super soft materials simply does not work.

Vintage Straight I bought in regular and tall

Enter my sinking ship that is finally being righted, JCrew. For years they offered a customer favorite the Matchstick...a perfect cigarette leg that was simply stunning on. They stopped carrying it probably 5-6 years ago, but this season started carrying the vintage straight, a dead ringer for the matchstick, but with a higher waist. Needless to say, I am OBSESSED. I love the washes, the buttons, the details, the cut....and most of all the price! I just bought three pairs (