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Buy-of-the-Week: Swim Suit Season

What it is

Why I bought it

I struggle a little bit with swimwear; as I am sure many of you out there do as well. So many bottoms are too little and don't have the coverage I desire to feel comfortable in for public places. The tops are a whole other beast. While specific cup sizes are sometimes necessary, it doesn't always ensure that things stay in place properly while enjoying the water.

Well worry no more!! I found a high neck top and regular coverage bottom at Athleta. While it recommends that it works best for A-C cup size, I found that it still worked for a bigger bust, too. As long as the band fits well and the girls are covered, you are ready for the beach.

Wear & Pair

The other awesome characteristic with this suit? It's reversible!!! That is basically a 2-in-1 or for that matter a 4-in-1 for all of the ways you can wear it. This comes in the fuchsia/orange combo and black/olive.


This just went on sale last weekend! $38.99 for the top and $31.99 for the bottoms.

Final rating

5 Stars! I'm obsessed with this suit as well as the quality, color combo, and style! It's going to be such a hit on my summer vacations!



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