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Local Boutique Spotlight

Featured Boutique: Poppy

There's a new-ish store at the Mall of America; it's called RAAS (Retail As A Service) Local Market. If you look it up on the MOA store directory, nineteen vendor options will come up under this name. That's because it hosts nineteen different local store brands in that location. You can find honey products, leather goods, candy, art, wood products and more, there. Sydnie and I stopped in last week and looked around. I was drawn to the "Poppy" section. "Poppy" is a store that opened here, in the Twin Cities, in 2011. It has three locations outside the Mall of America; two in St. Paul and one in Minneapolis. At RAAS, the "Poppy" store has approximately a 10' x10' section displaying their goods. I've been to the Grand Avenue location and this small display had some of my favorite items that I saw at the St Paul store.

Anything about cats, catches Sydnie's eye. So, naturally, these cat themed mittens gave Sydnie and I a chuckle. ($18) The vintage look of a plaid pair of gloves with leather trim, caught my eye. ($18)

These colorful light-weight ponchos can go from Fall to Spring. ($42) And, this metallic clutch is perfect for convenience and a touch of style. ($32)

All in all, we found that the Poppy store is carrying a great product line for fantastic prices. It's good to support local businesses. I encourage you to check out the RAAS store at the Mall of America. And make sure to look for the Poppy store while you're there.

Sylist Kathy Banta

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