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Stylist Saturday

Recently, my family and I marked two important milestones: John turning 3 and Anna turning 1. My babies are getting so big (and cute, ha)! We have been doing pictures periodically with different photographers up until this point, but lucky for me with my kiddos having close birthdays we will just do them yearly on their birthdays from here on out.

We help a lot of families with outfits for family pictures (we would love to help you too!), but I thought I would but together a quick tutorial on our outfits to help get you started if you are hoping to go it alone. In general for family photos:

1) Avoid big patterns. A subtle plaid or pattern works 100% great, however I have found that I most like the look of differing textures. For our photo, I went with a more woven sweater, picked a pinprick shirt for little John, and a fuzzy texture for Anna.

2) Choose a soft color palette. Yes, everyone can wear black (hello early 2000's), but it can be very harsh on people's features. Try to stick to soft tones and shades of colors, nothing too bold or bright. For our photo, I like the way I look in mauve pink. I started there, put John in a similar tone of blue (since it is killer with his eyes) and built everything else around neutrals.

3) Vary, but keep the same. You do not want everyone wearing the same outfit, however keep a general running them going. Anna and I are both in light pink, Michael and Anna both have taupey pants on, John and I are both in ivory pants, and Michael has a light ivory sweater.

4) Know your background and try to match it. I knew we were taking photos in my house, which is a lot of white, taupes, light green, blues, and soft colors. I also knew my window bench was a pattern (which is another reason I went for solid colored clothes).

5) Avoid accessories. I just don't love the look of big accessories in photos. I know some people do, but I feel like it is the main thing I look at when I see family photos. My advice would be minimal or no accessories for a cleaner look.

This go round we worked with Decora Topp and I was blown away by her talent at such a young age (she is currently a sophomore at the U of M). I will definitely be booking her (while she is available!) from here on out.

Here's to 2018!


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