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Fashion Advice: Small tweaks that make a big difference

I talk a lot to clients about small tweaks that make a huge difference with their style. These are tried and true small tweaks that make a big difference.

-Whether you prefer a denim material, ponte knit, poly blend, or corduroy, swapping out your blue jeans for a black pair add an instant dash of class and dress!

There are tons of versions out there, however here are two I have had great luck with clients in:

1) Lofts essential skinny fit pant. Curvy (Julie) and Straight through the hip (Marisa) options make them a fabulous fit for every body type!

Lofts skinny ankle pant in the julie (curvy) fit

2) For a true denim, but still dressy since they are black, I have loved the roadtripper option from Madewell (a steal at only $75!)

Simply insert your black pant wear you would typically wear a denim.

-Tuck in a great chambray shirt, button down, or silk chiffon (these materials are all great at hiding anything extra we may have in the middle when tucked!)

-Mullet tuck (front in, back out) your favorite sweater

-Leave a layer out with a fitted jacket OR tuck in a top with a longer blazer/jacket/cardigan on top!

With colder weather around the corner, now is the perfect time to swap out the denim for a black pant for a dressier and more stylish look!

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