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Stylist Saturday: Devin

Happy holiday season everyone!! It may look a bit different this year but that means we get to be even more creative when celebrating!

Instead of coming to you this week with style advice, I want to set you up with some perfect last minute gifts you could go buy to help support small, local, women run businesses!

1. The Golden Rule, located in Excelsior, MN (online store available)

The Golden Rule has everything from skin care, to clothes, to local artists artwork. I love all of it there and can spend hours roaming inside!

2. Queenie & Pearl, located in Edina, MN

Such adorable stuff here. On the first floor, they have trendy clothing, jewelry, accessories, and household goods. On the way upstairs, the line the walls with local art which are available for purchase, and upstairs is the most amazing vintage area. So many vintage clothes and a large vinyl collection. They had the most amazing RBG mug when I was there last that I almost bought, but it was right after a hair appointment so I used up my spending limit for the year haha!

3. Living With Landyn, located in Nashville, TN (online store available)

Living With Landyn is one of my favorite bloggers. You need to follow her @livingwithlandyn. She is so humble and keeps it so real. Last year she opened up her own boutique in Nashville and it has such adorable stuff. She even has a gift guide on her website all ready for you to use!

If you live local, The Golden Rule and Queenie & Pearl are your go-to options for last minute, as you can go to the store. If you have some time available, check out Living With Landyn's online shop!

Until next time,


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