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Buy-of-the-Week: Men's Blazer

Do you ever have those weeks where you feel like you are constantly running behind? That has definitely been my brain this week!

For the guy on the go, this is a perfect solution when you're running late and need to show up fashionable.

What is it?

Men's Knit Blazer

Where did you buy it?

Calving Klein, $99.00.

Why did you buy it?

It's a great item to compliment my soon-to-be-husband's wardrobe and makes any outfit a touch more fashionable.

How do you wear and pair? Pick a great neutral color to mix and match in your wardrobe easy. Remember to keep it hanging in your closet or bring it to the office so it's easily accessible when you need to switch from business casual to a night out quick.

Final rating?

5 stars for a quick fix that keeps you looking your best from day to night.

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