Stylist Saturday: Closet Space Saving Tips

Hello and happy summer!

Today for Stylist Saturday, I looked into my closet wondering what I was going to share with all of you. After the inconsistent May weather, I think we are finally in the clear for humid heat and sunshine.

Rather than an outfit, I wanted to share one of my wardrobe tips I end up advising many

of my clientele. For those who live in the Midwest, we know very well that having four seasons makes for a wide variety of garments.

Sometimes it feels like there is so much to look at when it comes to getting dressed. One of the biggest complaints I hear from my gals is that they hate when picking an outfit takes too long.

And for that, I have a solution.

  1. Identify season specific items that are not currently being worn. For today’s segment, I chose my heavy winter sweaters.

  2. Purchase an under-bed storage container. I bought a few of these from Ikea

  3. Transfer the out-of-season pieces into the under-bed storage. BOOM! Out of sight. Out of mind. Less to think about when getting dressed=less time you spend looking!

  4. Replace the empty shelves with current season items. Below, I have maxi skirts, swim covers, and shorts.

One thing I love about this concept is that when you pull out current season items from storage, it feels like new since they haven’t been seen in awhile!

It’s also a great opportunity to identify what pieces need to go to consignment or donation and be replaced accordingly. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love any chance to shop?


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