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Fashion Advice: How to layer!

Last weekend, I went home for the last time before my little man arrives. It was a great weekend with lots of family time. Without a doubt, however, my lovely mother wrangled me into her closet to get some help/opinions from yours truly.

Now my mother has been a star pupil for many years, tucking in, varying her proportions, and overall just looking cute. However this weekend, a big red flag came up. My mom likes wearing a layer over pretty much everything and continually keep asking me whether of not to tuck in her underlayer, so with fall here and layers everywhere, I figured now was a great time to hone in on the basics.

Keep these rules of thumb in mind whenever possible:

1) Your layers should not end in the exact place. (varying ending spots…perfect!) Too similar and I would have had a client choose a longer top and leave it untucked!

2) If you have on a long jacket and long top, tuck in the top.

layering jacket tips

3) If you have a short jacket, choose a longer top for under and keep it untucked.

short jacket styling tips

4) Always keep your waist in mind. Wear most every jacket or cardigan open to showcase your waist!

layering tips for jackets


When in doubt, just remember tip #1….don’t have your layers end in the same place.

Have fun putting together your fall looks!


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