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Buy-of-the-Week: Diaper Bag

What is it? Haptim Diaper Bag

Where did you buy it? Amazon

How Much? $56.99

Why did you buy it? I did WAY too much research into diaper bags that were backpacks after welcoming Miss Anna. I ordered a ton of different styles and decided on this one for both it's functionality, comfort, and style. Also was a fraction of the price of most of the other bags I order and I felt way better quality.

How do you wear and pair? Never makes my outfit :) but for practical reasons kills it. Works with all my mom outfits and my husband doesn't mind carrying it either!

Final rating? Five stars. This bag has performed like a champ, is super easy to find everything in, and carries everything I need. Each time I am out with it I have at least one other mom comment and ask where I got it when they see the functionality/look, so I feel like it checks the cute box as well!

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