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Stylist Saturday: Kathy


After announcing in my last post how much I dislike leggings, here I am wearing a faux-leather pair! Irony! But, we're not talking about leggings today. No, we've moved on to talk about styling ponchos.

I nabbed this poncho a month ago from Anthropologie, knowing that we were going to be sharing how to style ponchos this month. Playing off the cat print, I paired it with my faux-leather leggings and my suede booties and a dramatic long gold chain.

After putting this outfit together, I pulled out two ponchos I've had for a couple years. A gray sweater poncho and an olive green rabbit fur poncho. For fun, I decided to layer them on top of a basic black long sleeve tee. and my leggings again.

I like this layered look. The turtleneck of the sweater poncho coming through the rabbit fur poncho creates a contrast and a bit of an asymetrical look with the two different poncho points showing at the waistline. For a more everyday look, I traded out the leggings for denim. This is a cozy outfit for a cold winter's day.

Mixing textures together can create a modern look.


Below you can create the look with the pieces described:

Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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