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Stylist Saturday: Kathy

Styling leggings

Here's the deal. I hate leggings.

Did I just say that?

Yep! It's true.

Since leggings have become the next obsession after skinny jeans, I look around and think women are telling all their secrets. I rarely wear leggings. There's a few things I don't want to share.

But, there are two occasions that I do pull out my leggings.

1. I wear them camping with a thigh length cardigan for that comfy-cozy feel.

2. I wear them under a skirt when I'm cold and want to be a bit sassy. They're actually more like footless tights (My kind of leggings). They take a serious outfit and give it a bit of playfulness.

I realize that most of America loves their leggings and nothing I say will change that but, this is how I wear leggings (when I do wear them). LOL


Below you can create the look with the pieces described:


Let Out Your Inner Diva!! Happy Wardrobing!

Stylist Kathy

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