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Buy of the Week: Stylist Devin

Ponchos have never really been my thing. I remember a poncho that I had in childhood that my mom would always want me to wear. It was a cream crochet poncho with tassels on it. I didn't like ponchos then and I'm still not a fan today. I much rather wear an oversized cardigan or a lined flannel.

However, in 2017, Nordstrom carried a poncho that I had to have. A Barefoot Dreams poncho... aka a blanket you can wear in public. This is it to the left. It is the coziest thing I own, but honestly, it doesn't get much use... I usually save it for the days when we get super cold temps.

As I was trying to find my favorite poncho for this week's buy-of-the-week, I came across a different Barefoot Dreams poncho that I feel like is much more me and more versatile. It's technically a shawl, but I think it's very similar to a poncho! It looks like an oversized cardigan like I was talking about, but it's not a full cardigan! Also, it has pockets which is always a plus!

As we head into winter, this might be a really good item to get! Honestly, anything Barefoot Dreams is a good thing to get!



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