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Buy of the Week: Devin

I am SO EXCITED to share my favorite fun leggings with you that I believe every single person needs to own. Like Sydnie, I'm all about faux leather leggings and my favorite pair is from Spanx! I wear these all the time and recommend them to everyone! Some leggings on me feel too tight and restricting, however these are very lightweight. They do hold you in a bit on the tummy area, but that's what Spanx do!

I've worn these with tunics, longer sweaters, cardigans, and furry vests! They really look great with anything and will spice up any outfit. Personally, I'm a bigger fan of the classic faux leather leggings but they have fun other options as well, such as a moto, quilted, crocodile, and patent leather styles. While you could buy them directly from Spanx, they are also available at many other retailers such as Nordstrom, Evereve, ASOS, and Anthropologie!

Here's a video of Baby Dev wearing them back in 2016 when I was an aspiring fashion Instagram influencer haha! Honestly, I would still style them as I did then with my big sherpa jacket and my blue heels! I think it's such a fun look!

<3 Devin

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