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Stylist Saturday Scarves: Devin

Not going to lie... scarves are hard for me. I was blessed with the fabulous genes of "no neck" so scarves don't really do any justice for me.

A few years ago, when ascots made a come back, I was obsessed with the idea! I loved how they looked and I tried so hard to pull one off but I failed. It looked like there was a blank space between my upper body and my head.

However, there is one type of scarf I gravitate towards and it's the giant blanket scarf (similar option) that has fringes on the end. One that you would tie around the neck of your snowman! When you see me wearing a scarf (which is very rare), you will see me letting it hang around my neck like the picture on the left. I use it as a way to add either more texture or color to an outfit.

I gravitate towards neutral colors and basic prints, however a fun leopard print or camo print could be fun since they can also be worn as neutrals!

Stay warm,


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