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Ultimate redemption: Stylist Saturday

I have joked here before about my husband's *excellent* gift giving. Among friends, they know I mean this as a joke as it is often a huh?!? reaction from me that sometimes is an out of the park home run and sometimes will forever be a joke for me (and a series of Michael covering his tracks and feeling sad that I am joking about it). He tries REALLY hard, which I always appreciate, however I also write a blog and newsletter where I constantly link things I like (wink wink), so I also am sometimes baffled.

For our 11th anniversary (which we never really even celebrate/often forget about), my husband made me cry with what will forever be my favorite present ever. Maybe it was the quarantine? Or the need to get outside? Or he just really loves me? But Michael surprised me (I had NO idea) with my all-time dream car. We had just finished up an outside breakfast with the kiddos on our anniversary and when we walked out to our car to leave, the car I have for 15+ years dreamed of was sitting there. Other than having kids, it is probably the most insane feeling I have ever felt in my life! Finally my years of buying hats will pay off as with the roof down, my hair and heart are feeling (and looking) crazy!

You are a class act Michael Gatzlaff and I am so happy you are mine. No future gifts will be accepted, we are going out on top!


p.s. No worries on the kiddos, I just drove them down our cul de sac at 2 miles an hour :)

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