Stylist Saturday: Black Jumper

August 1, 2020


 I hadn't shopped for myself for awhile and decided to browse one of my favorite local boutiques, Style Niche Boutique, in Rosemount on Hwy 3.  I tried on a number of items but, the first find I found was this black "Dex" brand one-piece jumper.  I have a boiler suit (similar) but, this is my first jumper since I was about ten years old.  I found this one to be soooo comfy!  It has a faux wrap top with a full leg to mid-calf.  I'm very straight and I like the illusion that I have hips in this jumper.  You gals with hips are probably saying, "What?!" But, I swear we always want what we don't have.  :)  



I have dressed it up with a camo jacket , orange belt and cork sandal heels.  But, I will wear this with flip flops, too.  It's easily dressed up or down for on-the-go style.   I think this would be a fabulous travel option, too.  










Happy Wardrobing!  







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