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Stylist Sydnie: Stylist Saturday

Well it looks like masks are going to be a long-term accessory for the seasons ahead. When it began getting advised in the early weeks of March, I purchased a couple of masks strictly for practicality and less for fashion. There was so much unknown yet, and quite frankly, I was not expecting this to be our current status but here we are :)

So let's make the most of it as we protect ourselves and others! I wanted more options to match with outfits but also enough to wear a different mask each day between machine washing with laundry. I have looked at various places and just recently ordered from Gap & Old Navy. I think the variety in color and pattern will be just the right thing for my outfits at future outings.

We are back to taking clients out shopping (wearing our masks of course)! Message us if you are needing an appointment and we will be happy to help!



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