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Buy of the Week: Kathy

It's Summertime and to the lake we go!

I needed a swimsuit refresh this Summer and bought two. I am an Apple Shape. That means I'm straight in the torso with little curve. I'm busty and when I gain weight, it hits my stomach first. If you are an Apple Shape, you may want to consider these finds.

Where: Everything But Water

Why: I have several swimsuits but, I definitely have a favorite tankini that I always pick from the pile first. It's getting tired and starting to fade. I'd purchased it in 2009 for a vacation to Mexico; I've definitely gotten my money's worth out of it. But, I really don't want a different swimsuit. Over the last few years I've looked at similar ones but, they just weren't quite right. Not only do I love the style, it has a nice little curve in the bodice that makes me look like I have a curve, too. And...I love the color. Last month I took a look again at the "Everything But Water" website (that's where I had purchased my swimsuit years ago) and lo and behold they had brought it back! Yay! I ordered it again. Sometimes, you don't need to reinvent the wheel!

Cost: $82.00


Where: Target

Why: While I waited for my swimsuit order to arrive, I happened upon this swimsuit at Target and decided to bring it home and try it on. (Since the fitting rooms are not open for use, yet.)

I like it! I wore it to my friend's pool on the Fourth of July and felt comfortable and cute. It's a keeper!

Cost: $29.99


Where: Everything But Water

Why: I purchased these bottoms last year. I wear them with both of these tankini tops. I find the bottoms to be less fun to purchase and more utilitarian. I'd rather put the money into fun swim tops and mix and match. I prefer high-waisted bottoms and the ruching on this particular pair is really flattering.

Cost: $58.00


You've got to love your swimsuit or you're not gonna have any desire to swim! It's worth investing in for the comfort and confidence.

Happy Wardrobing!


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