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Stylist Saturday: Carly

I never thought I would be a matching mom (and still don't personally aspire to the idea), but after getting dressed in chambray overalls a few weeks back and realizing that Anna had a similar one I yelled upstairs to my little one "jumpsuit day" and I heard her scrambling to change.

I love this look for quarantine life as I was playing all day and was super comfortable. With the recent heat wave, I have taken to mostly head to toe Athleta looks that keep me cool while still feeling dressed (also adding a fun hat). However, when I get a chance to get dressed lately, I am trying to take it. I bought this Paige jumpsuit last year, but this is the same cut by them in olive. I am wearing it with a Target tank in this picture, but what I really have loved about it is the wide strap so I can wear it with a bra/no top if I want. I also wore it a few times this spring with a long sleeve tee and loved the look.

All these years of eyeing items for comfort is truly coming to a head in quarantine for me. Hope everyone is having a fabulous summer, we miss you all!


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