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Buy of the Week: Blazer

I recently did some retail therapy... you can't blame me since Nordstrom was having a major sale! The items that I would typically pay full-price on were 40-60% off! I took this opportunity to get ready for fall, since my summer wardrobe consists of lounge wear and lounge wear only... thanks COVID. I double checked Nordstrom to see if the blazer I'm obsessed with was still on sale and IT WAS! Therefore, I decided to share it with you!

Blazers are my second go-to layering piece behind my leather jacket. They are timeless but you can also find some that really spice up an outfit. There has been this classic yet modern and amazing Herringbone Blazer from Topshop that I have wanted FOREVER but I could never justify the price, so when it went on sale I immediately snatched it up!

Blazers are versatile. They go with jeans and a graphic tee, or dress them up with a pair of dress pants for work or an interview! I'm sure you can assume which direction I tend to lean towards when styling them ;) I don't want to cheers to shopping for fall but honestly, I feel like summer fashion is hard this year. So in this case, I have the feeling that we should cheers to fall fashion and hope that we can have a sense of normalcy for sweater weather!

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