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Stylist Saturday: Biker Shorts

In all honestly, I had a really hard time writing this blog. I couldn't for the life of me come up with an idea to write about. I have been at home since March 13... that's 99 days... 99 days of not being around retail, not having to get dressed, not putting on makeup... you get the gist. I have had a lack of inspiration because I've been at home and that's why I am having such a problem coming up with something to help inspire you! Because of this brain fart, I reached out to the people who are the best at writing blogs, the A La Mode team! Stylist Kathy gave me a brilliant idea on picking an item that I am loving and how I am wearing it this summer, and that's what I'm going to do!

Biker shorts... a scary item for many people but honestly, my favorite thing ever. I have always been a short gal. I've always preferred wearing shorts with a sweatshirt instead of pants with a t-shirt. Letting the legs breathe is what is most comfortable for me! When biker shorts became a trend, I was pumped! I was so excited to have the comfort of leggings during the summer! Running shorts are great and all, but the lining in them can be uncomfortable and they don't have a big enough pocket for my phone! The biker shorts I'm obsessed with have pockets that are snug enough where you don't have to worry about losing what is in there. I wear them on my walk around the neighborhood, fishing (the best shorts to wear fishing because I know my phone won't fall into the water), and even as a trendy outfit! I may or may not have 3 pairs of them...

My favorite way of styling them is with an extra big graphic tee and a pair of vans. It's definitely more of a grungy look! If you're feeling fancy, throw on a big blazer and a pair of heels! Such a cute outfit that is super unique and will get a ton of compliments!


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