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Graphic Tees: Stylist Devin

When I heard that we are going to be talking about graphic tees, I initially thought "how in the world am I going to write about this"?! All I wear are graphic tees so I believe there are endless opportunities when styling them. I wear them to bed. I dress them up. They're even what I wear when I go for a walk! There isn't a day that goes by without me wearing a graphic tee and this has been my style for at least the past two years. Like socks and hair accessories, graphic tees can say a TON about who you are. Working in retail, I see all types of women come in wearing graphic tees and I easily see their personal style based off the tee they choose to wear!

For example, many people describe my personal style as edgy. I would say this is true because you can always see me wearing a band tee or a vintage car tee. I'm also a fan of the over-sized look. I typically tuck in my tees or knot them in a fun way, but if I'm going to be wearing them really over-sized, I like wearing them with biker shorts! This look is extremely trendy but also SO COMFY!

However, there are a couple of more fitted graphic tees that I love because of the message they say. Suburban Riot has awesome tees with hilarious sayings! I'm the youngest of three daughters and for Father's Day last year, we went to visit my parents in Philly. I surprised everyone by showing up on Father's Day wearing this tee! It was hilarious!

If you look back on a lot of my blogs, you can see the other ways I style a graphic tee!

<3 Devin

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