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Hair Accessories: Stylist Devin

I'm not a huge hair accessories person, as I have a ton of hair (I go through a lot of liquid plumber haha). I love the idea of them but a lot of the clip styled hair accessories don't work in my hair! However, I am a big fan of the scrunchy/scarf hair accessory!

I love to use these as a way to add some spice to a boring outfit! I also think the pattern and color of the scrunchy can tell you a lot about a persons personality or mood, just like a pair of socks! I have a good handful of these in multiple colors and prints and use them as a way to reflect my mood. I will always wear them when I'm feeling more "jolly", but the color and pattern can determine if I'm more sassy, energetic, bubbly, rebellious, etc.

You can style them in so many different ways. My favorite is to

do a half up pony, or a low pony. I have had the best luck finding them at the URBN family stores (Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie, Free People), but since this is a huge trend right now, you can really find them at so many different retailers!

I hope you find these as a fun way to express yourself!

Until next time,


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