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Styling a Cat print skirt for Summer: Stylist Kathy

Hello - All You Cool Cats and Kittens!

On the topic of styling for skirts, I decided to pick my leopard print skirt and show you several ways I pair it for Summer.

Right away I'm going to show you my favorite. I am layering cat print, on cat print, on cat print; my skirt, shell top, and belt are all different cat prints but they work together. The tan boyfriend blazer and chunky heel pumps pull it together for a fierce and energetic look.

For a more casual look, I have put a white t-shirt on with a tan linen moto jacket, and a brown leather braided belt with leather flip flops. I would wear this Summer shopping down on 50th and France or to lunch on the patio of Cossetta's on west 7th street in St Paul.

If you don't have a tan linen jacket, or want something with a little more warmth and weight, grab your denim jacket and pair it with a metallic belt to lighten it up a little in color contrast. Easy Pairing!

I'm anxiously awaiting the delivery of my new espadrille platform sneakers. They would be go so easily with these casual pairings and would be a comfy walking option.

Cat prints can be thought of often as a neutral and can even be paired with some prints. Don't let your leopard print hide in the closet this Summer! pull it out and show your style.

Happy Wardrobing!


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