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Wearing Shorts: Stylist Sydnie

I have to be 100% real with you. Shorts are not my favorite garment to wear. I generally leave them for 3 occasions: vacation/water-time, hiking/outdoors, and the random times we go to amusement parks. I do not wear shorts when working with clients or going to nicer dinners; unless it's a dressy romper. I just find them to be less professional and polished.

So what shorts do I keep on hand for the summer months? Based on the environments I wear them in, I keep 3 different styles currently.

1. Classic Denim: Go-to stores for these are Gap and American Eagle. I know American Eagle sounds surprising but the material and mid to high rise styles have been a win. Being that I don't wear shorts often, I don't like to over spend on them so these hit the mark.

2. Chino/Twill: Loft tends to be very consistent in these every year! They are also available in a variety of colors and inseams. I personally keep an olive and coral color on hand. It's easy to pair with patterns and neutral tones with them.

3. Elastic-Waist/Pull-On: The comfort of all comfort in shorts. Make sure you watch the fit on these as they are less specific in sizing typically. They usually run size small, medium, large versus numerical. There can be bagginess through the front and sometimes rise can sit funny. Just things to be aware of! My favorite store for this style of short has been J.Crew Factory. I don't see any as similar this season yet, but J.Crew has an option.

These tend to cover all of the circumstances I would need them for, however, I would consider throwing a more polished pair into the mix. A high-waist tie short in black, would be amazing. Pair with black wedges or heels and a blouse for a nicer outing.

When buying your shorts, be aware of where they hit on the leg and waist. Also, look at the proportions. For myself being shorter in stature, a bermuda short would cut my legs in half and shorten my 5'2" height even more. I aim for slightly above the mid-thigh.

Happy Shorts Season!!



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