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Styling a Blazer: Stylist Carly

To wrap up blazer styling, I'm showing two different looks. I have a very inverted triangle body shape, so my shoulders get in the way of a LOT of blazers without major alterations. Because I am cheap and not super into them, I often stick to super classic versions with lots of stretch. Check out my video explanation here for the full run-down!

Look #1: Shorter double breasted sweater tweed blazer: I ADORE this blazer. I purchased it last year in the Portugal airport from the designer Adolfo Dominguez. If I only had to shop one brand for the rest of my life I would 100% pick it. It has a lot of the similar ideas behind things I love from Vince and Eileen Fisher, however I simply adore the European take on the tailoring.

There is a very similar style online now, but personally I adore mine a teensy bit more as it is double breasted. I always wanted a double breasted blazer, however typically really dislike them on myself and clients as they have to fit perfectly! Keys to making them work are getting a fabulous fit at your waistline.

I do like the faux double blazers that are oversize on taller clients, however without a super high heel I think they are tough to make work on more petite clients. With the shorter length of this blazer, it transitions from a pant to skirt flawlessly as it ends above my tush. I talk about this WAY too much, but if you are more hourglass, a rectangle, or planning on wearing a blazer with a dress, end it ABOVE your tush. Mid tush at the longest! I styled my blazer with a hoodie sweater. I love styling jacket, coats, and blazers with hooded tops as I think it adds an extra element of style to it. It also makes it look more casual, which in my line of work is typically a good thing!

Look # 2: Traditional one button linen blazer.

I snapped this up end of season last year and am in love. As I said previously, blazers typically just don't fit me right, however Rag n Bone does (thank you Rag n Bone!). Keys to styling a traditional blazer to me are two fold: 1) End at mid tush (if you are tall or wearing a high heel you can go a bit longer) and 2) THE LAPEL MUST COME TOGETHER AT YOUR WAIST. I know it is rude to yell, but this is the absolute key to a blazer fitting correctly. If the lapel comes together higher up or lower than your waist it is not nearly as flattering. So aim for 1-2 buttons at most and aim for the waist!

Video link to my step my step rundown here, hoping to see you all in person soon!!

xo Carly

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