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Closet Organization: Stylist Sydnie

As you know, our team has been introducing our viewers to our closets. Like you, we all deal with different obstacles when it comes to sorting our clothing and accessories. Welcome to my personal closet!

My husband and I live in a 1 bedroom apartment. In general, apartments and older homes can lack space for storage. Thankfully, resources like Pinterest and Google can inspire us for maximizing our closet space; which, is what I have tried very hard to accomplish. From entryway to dresser, I have all of the tips to share with you today!

As you enter my home, I have the right wall lined with shoe shelves, all in which, contain our "in-season" shoes. They are placed front to back to better fit each pair. Above shoes, there is a coat hanger with cubes and storage. This allows for both ourselves and guests to place extra items like jackets, umbrellas, etc out of the way. Although eventually, in our next home, I would love for this space to be much more open and welcoming :)

In the hallway, we have our main closet. This houses coats and jackets as well as Keith's hanging shirts and suits. He also has a second closet in our bedroom where I have organized his folded items in various bins; which remains in tact about 80% of the time, ha ha.

Walk into the bedroom and along with Keith's closet, you will find an additional closet for me and a dresser. With focus on the dresser, I utilize folding and storage organizers to keep things clean and situated. Here are tips for the dresser:

1. Bras--------These guys need to breathe while also maintaining their shape. I have mine layered but a person could also use the Booby Trap to separate them.

2. Socks------I keeps ankle/running socks in 2 small clear drawers. However, my longer socks like smart wool and for sleeping, get placed in a honeycomb sort of structure within a separate drawer.

3. Pajamas--I wear pajama sets so I fold the top within the pant via tri-fold. Turn the pile sideways so that each set is seen.

4. Athletic----This is set up very similarly to

pajamas. Work out tops are turned so you can see each one and leggings are set on each side.

We head over to the closet and please hold your enthusiasm. It's not spacious, but again, I am trying to maximize my area to the best of its ability. I also organize very similarly to both Carly and Kathy. I go by color and sleeve length. This is specifically in regards to hanging items. Sweaters and pants that are folded also go by color. Other folded pieces are basic tees, sweatshirts, and camisoles/tanks. In order to make this space function, I bought pieces to hang from the closet and create more rack and shelf opportunities. (Similar)

To keep your smaller closets better lit, adhesive lights are also a great addition! Again, available on Amazon.

As we are getting closer to the warmer temps, I will also be pulling out my under-bed storage totes to exchange out items from the closet. This is a big reason why my clothing stays clutter-free. I suggest it to everyone because it also makes getting dressed easier.

Last little details of keeping my wardrobe are the jewelry. By keeping jewelry pieces in the open, you are more likely to wear and pair it with your outfits.

If you need a recap, here is a video! Stay tuned for a new service kicking off this summer!



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