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How To Buy A Bra That Actually Fits!

How to buy a  bra that fits / bra buying tips / advice to buy a bra

"How do I buy a bra that actually fits? How do I find a bra that looks and feels good?" If I had a nickel for every time a client asked me these questions, well, I'd have a lot of nickels!

I usually reply with "When was your last bra fitting?" After a gentle sigh, they reluctantly admit that it has been far too long. This area of a wardrobe can feel very personal, because it is. We have to show more than what we are used to in order to get the job done and quite frankly, a woman's confidence isn't always its highest; especially post having babies.

Regardless, what lies beneath an outfit, can actually make or break the overall appearance. Today, I hope to give you advice in order to help boost you to your best from the inside-out. How To Buy A Bra That Actually Fits

Buying a bra that fits is only accomplished through the proper fitting. I have now lived in Minnesota for the four years and have found my favorite places to make this happen: Allure Intimates and Nordstrom both have a lovely reputation from start to finish. You can trust that they have seen it all and make no judgement when it comes time to measure the assets.

What happens at a bra fitting?

They will usually have you put on a fit bra specifically for measuring. From there, the tape goes around the rib cage to formulate the band size.

They look for any gapping or puckering within the fit bra to better know the cup situation. They may even grab a couple of sizes to find the absolute best choice. It's quick and painless. You are out of there in no time. This video may help you measure at home if you are unable to get into a store.

Allure specifically keeps a detailed record of your bra size and styles purchased. This makes it really easy to update your collection as you need.

Why buying the right size bra matters

  1. The right fitting bra is going to change how your clothes fit and look from the outside.

  2. A person should keep 3-5 bras on hand (nude, black, strapless, etc) and rotate wear.

  3. Washing the bra is also important. Detergent needs to be gentle so that elastic is not broken down and stretch retention is lost. Wash on cold, delicate cycle and lay to dry.

  4. When cared for properly, a single bra should last 2-4 years depending on the wear routine.

  5. Don't be afraid of underwire. So many of my clients (especially older), have a fear of it digging into the rig cage. When the size is right, the bra SHOULD NOT hurt you.

Since you are already bra shopping, try to pick up a good pair of shapewear for keeping undergarments and layers smooth. It doesn't need to squeeze you overly tight, but rather, act as a protective but slimming barrier. The other pieces I swear by are the White House Black Market Dual Neck Tank, and Scoop Neck Cami. Remember, it's what's inside that counts :)

P.S. Want more help choosing what to wear? Check out our amazing online closet service!

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