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Stylist Saturday: Summer Blues

A couple of weeks ago, my mom and I took a mother-daughter trip to Phoenix, Arizona. We were ready for some warmth and relaxation. Between the outdoors and unwinding, we managed to do some shopping. We fell in love with Scottsdale Fashion Square. The retail space was so beautiful! I highly recommend it if you find yourself in that area :)

Of course this brings me to our main topic of conversation today; a recent purchase. I am so sad that J.Crew is no longer in Mall of America but I was elated to find the store in Arizona. It was gleaming with fresh spring product. The hotter temps definitely had me craving clothes to

match. When we think heat, often times the fabric of choice that comes to mind is linen.

Within a highlighted fixture, I found it! The holy grail of summer. It was a dress that drew me in like a bee to honey. I knew the dress would be coming home with me. My hesitation was even trying it on knowing that fate. Being a new product, it wasn't on sale. But this is where an important lesson came into play that I try to address to each and every client. If you only buy what you love, imagine what your closet will be like. This doesn't mean you only shop sales. On occasion, splurge. Those end up being special statement pieces that you will forever love.

This was that piece. I put it on. I instantly tried to find something wrong with it but I knew it was perfect. I texted Keith to ask if I needed this dress. He responded with, need and want are very

different things but encouraged me to buy if it made me happy. And of course I had to.

The construction of this dress is unique and reminds me of older styles. Looking back to the 1940's with accentuated waists, A-line silhouette, and ending about the calf or midi length. It's true, fashion always comes back :) The other great part and quality that I appreciate about this dress is that it is lined. No need to worry about undergarment lines! Seriously, this is a fabulous dress! I hope you all try this! They offer the silhouette in other colors as well!

I know there is snow on the ground, hence my title Summer Blues, but let's do some retail therapy to make ourselves feel better ;)



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