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3 Tips To Dress Business Casual + Still Look Like Yourself

Business Casual Done Right!

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If you're looking for business casual tips because you're not quite sure how to dress for the office while still looking and feeling like yourself, you're not alone! I get so many questions about business casual style from my clients. I recently had the opportunity to present at General Mills, which is one of my absolute favorite parts of my job! I took the opportunity to get a little more dressed up than usual and loved the outcome. Here's how I put together this business casual outfit (that still looked like me) and how you can do something similar! 3 Business Casual Style Tips

1. Find the right business casual pants I started with a high-waisted pant. I had been looking for one of these for the entire last year and have tried on so many so I was thrilled when I finally met my perfect match at Zara! So many of us hear 'business casual' and picture khakis, but if you don't like khakis, you don't have to wear them! 2. Give the blazer a break and try a cute blouse

I tucked into it a blouse I purchased at Banana last year (I never saw it in a Minnesota store, but purchased it on a sale rack when I was traveling out east). The 'casual' part of 'business casual' means you probably don't need both tailored slacks AND a blazer. So feel free to wear a top that reflects your personality and style while still looking professional.

3. Wear meaningful accessories

I finished the look with my go to accessories, a Gemini link bracelent (this years version of mine), initial bracelet (fine from jeweler), dainty diamond ring (this years most similar by Bony Levy), and a three tier earring from loft (similar to mine in the blush color).

My handy Cole Haan Quincy pumps from probably 3+ years ago finished the look and made me feel like a million bucks!

If you have any speaking opportunities or lunch and learns at your company please tell your HR to consider À La Mode for something different that everyone benefits from. We would love the opportunity to speak at your place of business!



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