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Stylist Saturday: Underneath it All

We all look forward to the weekends; a nice break from the weekly grind and sometimes the chance to do something we don't get to do the other days of the week. My husband and I try our best to make it into church Sunday mornings (typically the 11am service because sleep is sacred). Of course, we roll in a few minutes fashionably late, coffee in hand. We discretely prop ourselves into the back row.

I begin scanning the space, seeing color, pattern, trends, and small children trying to hold still.

My work brain starts to spin. This outfit would be great if it had... If only they had added a slim-fitting layer to balance that flowy blouse... The inner dialog continues. I start seeing a common trend. Underwear lines. One of my absolute least favorite things. There are thin dresses with no barrier to the interior garments. Details are revealed that I think would be terrifying to the individual if they knew were actually exposed.

(Image from WikiHow)

I have my own personal opinions for why I think this is occurring more today.

1. Garments are not being lined the way they used to be.

2. Trying to buy a traditional slip is very hard to come by.

3. People don't typically check their backside before leaving the house.

The list could go on but I feel it is my duty as a stylist to try to address and improve the issue.

The immediate response is usually I don't want to wear thongs. You 100% do not have to. There are other ways in alleviating the issue. Take for instance, seamless underwear. Go for more of a cheeky fit. I personally like the No-Show seamless at Victoria's Secret. I recommend buying in nude, white, and black for versatility.

Continue to build your base with a solid control top hosiery. With concern to the bras, it's important that you also have a seamless feel; not anything too textured, especially with thin materials.

Interested in more tips and tricks? Check out this article from Cosmo!

And! Those trying to keep things smooth for men, I suggest doing a boxer brief versus a boxer as those can become bunchy and less flattering.

Happy Styling!



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