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Stylist Saturday: Sydnie

Prom season has officially started. Arrays of colors, silhouettes, and prints permeates through store windows. And while I am not in the market to personally buy a dress, I have a little sister who is. I take my big sister status very seriously, especially when it comes to fashion. I jumped

at the opportunity to go back home to Sioux Falls, SD over spring break to help with this endeavor.

Trends have definitely made significant changes decade after decade when it comes to the high school formal scene. I am sure many of you recall your very own dresses. At the time, it was the absolute "in" thing and sometimes we look back and feel less than satisfactory. No matter. It made memories and history. Not to mention your kids and grand kids will/do probably enjoy it. For a little backtrack of popular styles from the 1950's-1990's, HERE is a little review.

This year major trends are:

1. 2-Piece

2. Illusion

3. Floral Prints

The shopping journey for Brianna began. We pulled various trends and styles.

All dresses were unique but we just hadn't found THE one yet. We pulled two more.

The one to the left was a fun number that was a top contender.

AND then finally the magic set in. This dress was both fashion-forward and classic; a gown that would be looked at years down the road and still would remain a sophisticated choice.

At this moment the picture was taken, Brianna exclaimed "IT HAS POCKETS!" Basically, every girl's dream in a dress.

We found the winner and she can't wait to wear it next Saturday to the big dance!



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