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Stylist Saturday: Season Coattail Sales

We are starting to see some light at the end of the winter tunnel. The sun has been making more frequent appearances and we can't help but smile with the thought of spring. Although current clothing is reflecting this optimism, I haven't quite made the dive into shopping summer.

At the end of a season, I like to make a checklist. This list includes items that I need to replace or add so that it is ready for the following year. I do this knowing that I want to build my wardrobe into a quality closet versus cheap chic. By keeping an eye on prices of your favorite seasonal pieces, this is totally doable.

This winter, items that made the list were:

1. Winter Vest (reversible)

2. Tall Black Leather Boots

3. Black Ankle Boot

4. Dress/Pea Coat

The coat was a purchase from Macy's. Originally priced at $275, I paid $130. It is now $115 and almost sold out! I love the structure, texture and overall class. After only wearing a couple of times, I have received numerous compliments. I look forward to wearing this for future winters.

Happy end of season shopping!


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