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Stylist Saturday

I kept forgetting to take a picture this week, so decided to instead feature something you will definitely see me wearing! If you shopped with me this fall or winter, chances are I showed you something in a soft jersey material from Banana Republic. I (along with many) have not loved Bananas' collections these past few years. This new AMAZING knit material has however pulled me back. As style has gotten more and more basic and neutral, it has been a struggle to get knits in materials that last. A cotton tee is just a cotton tee and no matter how careful you are with most things, they just don't last forever. This material from Banana does! So if you see anything saying "soft jersey" at Banana or "softspun" at Gap, just buy it, I promise you won't regret it!

Click here to see a catalog I put together of my favorites right now from Banana. Until next time, stay warm out there!

xo Carly

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