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Stylist Saturday: Nordstrom Rack Bliss

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

I have to be honest, lately I've been feeling quite bored with my personal wardrobe. I promised myself that post-Christmas, once I purged other "unwanted" items from my closet, I would bring in some fun additions. Last year my New Year's Resolution to only buy and keep garments that I love. If that means spending more on quality, then I buy fewer so that they last longer and wear more often. A sale is only a bonus factor. I've learned we cannot buy just because of a lower price. We end up with too many things and even more frustrations getting dressed every day.

I began listing pieces from my wardrobe that needed to be addressed/replaced:

1. Tall Black Leather Boots

2. Camo Jacket

3. Vest (something transitional to go in between teaching dance and working with client)

4. Update Pea Coat

5. Black Leather Ankle Boot

I always tell my clients to invest in outerwear and footwear so I needed to follow suit. Luckily for me, this time of year post-holidays, these winter items tend to decline in cost.

A majority of my success was through Nordstrom Rack online. I love that they carry excellent brands and return policies are easy if things don't quite work out.

I was able to find a pair of Vince Camuto Over-the-Knee leather boots. They have the capability of folding down for under the knee as well. The heel is a taller block heel which will help extend the leg line.

Now camo is always an inspiration in fashion. The neutral palette is great almost year-round. This jacket in particular has a removable faux-fur hood. That makes it even more versatile with a wardrobe. I also love that Debi was

just showcasing a garment like this last weekend in her Stylist Saturday segment. We (stylists) always seem to be on the same wave when it comes to fashion!

I wanted to polish this look from toe to head so I picked out a pom-pom beanie. Although it doesn't work with my usual bun; it's perfect to throw

on over wavy, post-shower hair.

I am loving these pieces so far and can't wait explore further options with them for my wardrobe!



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