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Buy-of-the-Week: Diaper Bag Backpack

How much? $34.69

Why I bought : I had been rocking the Haptim diaper bag backpack for the past year. It served me well and we traveled a ton with it, but at the beginning of the year one of the straps finally let out on me. While I did love it, I also didn't think I needed quite as big of a bag this go round, so I did another deep dive into amazon bags. I LOVE leather bags and know everyone and their mother (pun intended) is obsessed with the fawn design ones. I really do love them too, but since I am not with my kiddos day in day out and my husband carries our bag a lot as well, I just can't see shelling out that much money on it. Instead I have two really nice leather backpacks solely for myself :), sorry kiddos! Final rating: Super light and with TONS of room (though so much smaller in profile than my haptim bag), I have been thrilled with this bag. The gold zippers make it look super special and there is every compartment imaginable needed. I liked this two tone design, but it also comes in a beautiful solid black and gray. Took it on our last family adventure to California and was so glad to have it. So much more comfortable on my back and easier to fit into small spaces. If you have littles, I would highly recommend purchases for the practicality, style, and price. 5 stars!


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