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Buy-of-the-Week: Shopping Destination: Nordstrom Last Chance, Phoenix Arizona

What is it? Nordstrom Last Chance in Phoenix, Arizona

I had the pleasure of tagging on to my husband's work trip and having a kid free getaway post thanksgiving craziness. I have dreamed of going to Nordstrom Last Chance, ever since a client of mine told me about it years ago. She pulled piece after piece of St. John out of her closet, stating "$10 for this and $20 for that" as my mouth hung open.

Nordstrom Last Chance is the end of the road for Nordstrom products. The only one in the country, it is the place where the cast-offs and returns of Nordstrom go to that their final breath. It is a crap shoot and not a great shopping experience, but MAN there are deals!

The game plan: I had the pleasure of shopping Last Chance with a Phoenix native and Last Chance lover whom is a friend from way back. She took me for an hour post dinner Cyber Monday ($9.99 for every dress and 50% off all boots), as she was sure we could score something great and to let me get a feel for the crazy. We then met up the following morning at store open and stood in line with around 100+ additional customers for a mad dash at store open to see what we would find with fresh inventory.

How was it? My palette was definitely wet cyber Monday. I scored an adorable midi length Betsy Johnson brocade dress (similar) for just $9.99 and an aquatalia heeled bootie (similar) I had drooled over at Nordstrom for years for just $35. I thought that would be my highlight as it was something I had coveted, but just couldn't spend $400+ on, but boy did it get better the following morning!

I woke up over an hour before my alarm the next morning so excited for what was to come...would I find the leather jacket I hoped for? What would I find?

It was an absolute madhouse at open. My friend told me to just run in and grab anything that I was interested in/to inspect it after things calmed down. I did a quick gander for a leather jacket, than hit up accessories. I probably had 25 handbags over my arm before I decided it was time to slow down and grab a cart. I shoved everything inside (so sad...such beautiful pieces just being tossed around) and continued looking. I tossed in a few ball caps and sunglasses, then met my friend over in pants. After we combed through the selection of frame, paige, rag and bone, you name it, we headed to shoes. This was when things became comical to me. I had sorted out the handbags I didn't want (as things were getting ridiculous) and probably picked up 40 pairs of shoes to try on. I'm not joking, this was my cart:

To try on Jimmy Choos, Stuart Weitzman, Pedro Garcia and more shoes in a zero pressure situation was magic to me. I would never try these on at Nordstrom, as I know I am far too cheap to ever purchase. But at Last Chance it was amazing, as I went through them one by one. After getting through my shoe stash, my friend and I hit the dressing room. Definitely not glamorous, but the line moved quickly and I was able to keep 2 of the 12 things I tried.

So what did I get? Lots of shoes and accessories, few clothing items:

Aquatalia black bootie: $35

Paul Green shootie: $53

Pedro Garcia block heel sandal: (My splurge at $123)

Vince slide sandal: $35

Via Spiga lace up heel: $35 (My favorite of the shoes and in the picture below!)

Jack Rogers flat black sandal: $12

Jack Rodgers flat gold lace up sandal: $19

Paige Hoxton (My absolute favorite denim): $27!

Classiques Entier double breasted white silk coat (omg, so pretty!): $45

BP ball cap: $4

Michael Kors cross-body: $24!

Marc Jacobs leather backpack: $80

French Connection navy and white backpack: $24

Final Rating

5 stars, it wasn't pretty, but I still get giddy inside thinking about all of the stunning things I was able to bring home! I wore this outfit out the night of my shop for dinner with my husband. He commented that he loved the outfit, but it didn't seem very much like me. I replied it was exactly like me, I am just typically far too cheap to purchase $300 4" heels ($35 Via Spiga) and $500 blazers ($45 Classiques Entier), but I loved the look. Felt like a million bucks and know they are items I will always feel great in!

Definitely going to try to make it a yearly voyage, whether for a getaway or girls trip. Was a ton of fun and would recommend to anyone who loves a good bargain (and doesn't mind a little crazy ;)


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