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Stylist Saturday: Girlfriend Jeans

Recently, I was shopping with my sister-in-law, looking for jeans. We were on the hunt for boyfriend jeans. Boyfriend jeans are a relaxed cut, with a little more room in the thigh and butt. I’ve always loved them! But, when we got to Banana Republic and Gap, we found the “girlfriend” jean.

I had never inquired the difference between the two types of jeans so, I asked. The sales person at Banana Republic told me “girlfriend jeans are much like boyfriend jeans but, straighter.” I bought a pair of distressed girlfriend jeans that day and have been loving them. But, here is a more detailed description of the “girlfriend” fit.

Topshop jeans buyer, Keda Rich, explains in Marie Claire that,

the “girlfriend” (jean) is a more feminine version of the boyfriend jean cut. It’s a

more classic fit – tighter and higher on the hip, with a tapered slim straight leg. Made from more ridged denim, the style is more authentic and offers a flattering shape.”

I liked these jeans so much, I went and bought a darker denim in the girlfriend fit, too! So, when you are out back-to-school shopping with the kids, grab a pair of girlfriend jeans and try them on. You may love them, too!

Happy Ward-robing!


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