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Stylist Saturday: Cat Approved

Nothing quite says winter to me like being wrapped in a blanket. My biggest draw in shopping this season is all about the textiles. If it's soft, chances are, I want to buy it. The last retail excursion I had was nothing short of that. While my mom and I were checking out some of the Black Friday excitement, I found this piece at Loft.

They had it with their pajama selection, but let's be honest, I plan on wearing it beyond that category. For example, take your favorite tee and broken-in jeans and you've got yourself a cozy but cute outfit.

Another fun way to wear it would be with a plaid print and colored jean, chino or cord. The winter white coloring of the jacket will make the outfit pop! Don't forget a riding or ankle boot!

The best part about this purchase? It's cat-approved!! For you cat lovers out there, your cat will LOVE snuggling you while you wear this. I speak from experience.

Stay cozy!



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