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Buy-of-the-Week: Michael Kors Anorak Jacket

What is it?

Where did you buy it?


How Much?

On sale for $139.90 (Nordstrom has it listed online as on sale for 25% off, but it is regularly priced in store as $139.90). Not a huge deal, but don't love that it is billed online as on sale, when it really is not.

Why did you buy it?

After putting five clients in this jackets, I knew I would regret if I did not purchase it. I have a lot of olive green jackets and a few cute trenches, but nothing I loved for day to day that had a functional, water resistant hood

How do you wear and pair? With any pant or legging option. I think you could do it with a dress or skirt, but would prefer the length best with a pant!

Final Rating of 5 Stars? I give these a 5 star rating. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will recognize this from the November edition. I LOVE this jacket and know for the next 5+ year I will be devastated once I cannot show it to clients as it is that good. It also comes in Petite and Regular sizes and is available in olive, navy, and black

Please, please, please purchase this today!


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