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Stylist Saturday: Prepped for Preppy

Personal style. What is it? How do I discover it? Do I have one or multiple? These are common questions we have as we find ourselves among various pieces of fabric; hundreds of hues, patterns, and silhouettes. The options can feel overwhelming.

I mention this concept because, I too, often ponder what my own style is. What I have come to understand, is that style often comes with mood, occasion and comfort. For instance, as I write this, the snow is blustering across the sky and I wear a ponte legging and an over-sized cozy sweater. That's not my only outfit of choice, however.

Today's segment brings my preppy aesthetic to the surface. This one has always intrigued me because of its classic nature. I wore this while assisting a client a couple of weeks ago on a shop. It was actually still decent outside so I wore my open-toe wedges (Franco Sarto). They are my favorite from the summer season and it was a great way to transition into fall. However, a great flat, sneaker, heel or ankle boot would also work for this look.

Moving up the outfit, I have a pair of checkered gray/white Paige denim. They are incredibly soft, stretchy, and flattering. I reiterate this with every client, but investing in premium denim makes such a huge difference in the longevity and fit of your jeans.

On top, I have a chambray shirt beneath a light-weight wool navy sweater (Ann Taylor). This combination is easy to do with a several bottom options (chino, dress pant, skirt, etc).

I polish off the look with my double strand pearl necklace (Ralph Lauren). Pearls will always be considered a classic so whether you do an earring, necklace or bracelet, it's a great element to have on hand.

The final concepts are my signature go-tos. Glasses are something I wear nearly every day since my vision is terrible. I typically go for a tortoise shell frame as they go with so many outfits. Additionally, since I also work as a dance teacher, my hair is up a majority of the time. I love big buns (and I cannot lie). They are so easy but look very chic for multiple circumstances.

So there you have it. A little about my style, how you can discover yours, and hopefully some fresh inspiration.

Happy weekend!


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