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Stylist Saturday: Bachelorette Bash

Two weeks ago I married the love of my life. Leading up to the big day, I took our followers on many of my shopping experiences. Between bridesmaids dresses, mother-of-the-bride, and bride, there were so many fun things to share. One of the events needing a great outfit, was the bachelorette party. I am not the typical bride when it comes to that celebration. I wanted an easy, low-key day surrounded by my favorite ladies. We started the festivities with pedicures and followed with hibachi dinner and classic slumber party. It was perfect.

My outfit was inspired after a random shopping trip was made at Opitz in Saint Louis Park. I found a sleeveless, mock-neck, top. A couple great concepts about this top:

1. Although sleeveless, it is not cut in a way that requires a special bra

2. It is tailored in at the waist which always does great things for the figure

3. The fabric has nice body and stays wrinkle-free

On a short stature, this top works really well for drawing the eye up and down; giving the illusion of actually looking taller.

I followed this top up with a black ankle pant and black wedges. Of course the bridal party gave me an official bachelorette sash to match.

Here are some similar top options:

Happy Weekend!


Sydnie (now officially Mrs. McIntire)

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