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Boot season! Buy of the Week: Carly

My last buy of the week was this boot by OTBT. This week I am throwing one more at you that has become a regular in my everyday rotation, the Pikolinos Vicar boot!

Believe it or not, I have a lot of shoes :) However when this fall rolled around, I felt 100% set with my "nice" boots, but a little lacking in my day to day run errands, kids, life arena where it is important to me to merge style and function, not just have one or the other.

With that being said I found myself at Nordstrom Rack in Maple Grove (hands down my favorite rack in the twin cities!) doing returns for a client so sneaked a peek at the shoe section before heading out the door. When I saw this beauty, I instantly liked them, but started to question whether they were too heavy/bikerish to go with my style. I decided to grab them and give them a try at home and have never looked back!

A few reasons I love them:

1) They are what Pikolinos is calling their "light" boots, which have a super light sole. Similar to zero grand styles by cole haan, they almost feel as if you have nothing on your feet! I have picky feet and I can wear these all day without an issue.

2) They are STUNNING in person. I have never worn them and not been stopped by a passerby asking about them. Even my extremely conservative (but always smartly dressed) father always says, "who are those by, those are nice boots!" every time he has seen me wear them.

3) They are the perfect compliment to all of my straight leg pants (not great with my super skinny or leggings). I have been doing a TON of straight leg pants this season and they look fabulous with all of them. Where my snow boots or OTBT loves are too substantial with a straight leg pant, these are perfect. Even with simple sweater, jean, boot looks I feel like a million bucks/super stylish as they have so much funk to them.

Guessing this will be my last boot post of 2019, but can't wait to see what 2020 brings up. Wishing you and yours an amazing holiday season!

xo Carly

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